Levada Land of Kittens truly love and care for their cats & kittens! The owners are the nicest people. I felt welcome in their home and was treated very kindly. All of their cats & kittens are healthy, happy and so sweet. It was hard to take only one home! They are beautiful kittens. The one I took home has been loving, playful and totally adorable! I love him with all my heart. i cannot imagine my life without him. He brings me so much joy. I highly recommend Levada Land of Kittens.

Most sincerely,


We picked up our sweet boy, Arden, in October 2019. He is honestly the SWEETEST kitten I have ever met. He purrs at the drop of a hat and is super snuggle and affectionate. I have two ragdoll cats, but his fur is even softer than their! We love our Arden so much and he was worth EVERY penny. I highly recomend Levada Land to anyone looking for a very special pet.

Sarah. J

I must say, it was the beautiful photographs of kittens, that got my attention. Then I needed to go see. I met Luba and her beautiful family, and I knew right then, I wanted this kitten. Beatriz is a beautiful, sweet, lovable kitten. I can't thank you enough. She was meant for me and my Family.

"Someone to Love"

Thank you Levada Land Cattery. Your the Best!!!

The Miller Family

Our kitten is the Best. We have been waiting on her almost 6 month. Thank you Levada land Cattery!

Zhanna. S

Levada Land of Kittens! I love my Savanna...she is beautiful and couldn't imagine our home without her.

Cynthia Fowler