Levada Land of Kittens truly love and care for their cats & kittens! The owners are the nicest people. I felt welcome in their home and was treated very kindly. All of their cats & kittens are healthy, happy and so sweet. It was hard to take only one home! They are beautiful kittens. The one I took home has been loving, playful and totally adorable! I love him with all my heart. i cannot imagine my life without him. He brings me so much joy. I highly recommend Levada Land of Kittens.

Most sincerely,


We picked up our sweet boy, Arden, in October 2019. He is honestly the SWEETEST kitten I have ever met. He purrs at the drop of a hat and is super snuggle and affectionate. I have two ragdoll cats, but his fur is even softer than their! We love our Arden so much and he was worth EVERY penny. I highly recomend Levada Land to anyone looking for a very special pet.

Sarah. J

I must say, it was the beautiful photographs of kittens, that got my attention. Then I needed to go see. I met Luba and her beautiful family, and I knew right then, I wanted this kitten. Beatriz is a beautiful, sweet, lovable kitten. I can't thank you enough. She was meant for me and my Family.

"Someone to Love"

Thank you Levada Land Cattery. Your the Best!!!

The Miller Family

Our kitten is the Best. We have been waiting on her almost 6 month. Thank you Levada land Cattery!

Zhanna. S

We got our kitty girl in October 2019. She become our Furry Ball of Happiness! She is lovely and the most beautiful cat which one we love so much! She is very brought up and doesn't do anything that we can complain about. Thank you, Luba, for out Plush Toy and I would recommend Levadaland cattery to everyone who is looking for the best companion for their family.

Oksana, B

We have had Barselon for about 6 month now, and every moment spent with him is filled with laughter, love, and happiness. If a bell rings, or a wrapper crinkles. Barselon is here in an instant, ready to play and brighten out day! Any interaction with our sweet kitty lead to him purring, and us smiling. Thank you for this happines, Levadaland!


Levada Land of Kittens! I love my Savanna...she is beautiful and couldn't imagine our home without her.

Cynthia Fowler

Alex is doing great. We love him so much! He has the largest personality, very curious, funny, and always entertaining. He greets every person he meets, definitely a crowd pleaser. He is grown up to be a gorgeous boy. He is so big now! He is a sweetheart!

Megan. W

"We love our kittens from Levada Land. We couldn't be happier. The kittens are extremely affectionate and playful. They love to cuddle and be around us. They posses and easy temperament and easily express their contentment with sweet and gentle purrs. We are so lucky to found Levada Land and Luba. Thank you Luba and your family for giving us two beautiful kittens, that bring so much joy into our lives"

Sopheak & Trang

"Thank you so much for such a sweet baby. He is doing so well. He loves cat tree and playing. He has surprised me with his affection. Wonderful kitty. He is so sweet, I love him so much!".

Roxann R.

"Emerald is such a happy kitten. He purrs a lot when petted. He loves food, likes to sleep and play. He is great companion. Thank you Levada Land for furry friend".

Brian L.

Sarah J.

"Our kitty is the best. We love he so much. Thank you Levada Land!"

Oksana B.