About Our Kittens

All our kittens are born in our home in Folsom, CA and are well socialized with people and general house noise.

Kittens are ready to leave at 12-16 weeks old as soon as they will be fixed or neutered. They are raised with lots of love and attention to be the best companions for you. One kitten has enough energy to keep a whole family entertained!

Our kittens are always sold with a health certificate, microchip and contract that protects that kitten and offers a health guarantee to the buyer. Our kittens may never be allowed outside. They may never be declawed and must be spayed or neutered (if not already done).

(Please read the contract)

All our cats and kittens are registered with CFA and TICA , and meet the standard for their breed.

Kittens are reserved by non-refundable deposits ONLY! ($300). Until the deposit is in our hands the kitten is considered available. You pay a deposit as soon as you choose a kitten.

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.