Here is the example of the contract that you have to sign when you buy a kitten:

Click here to open LEVADA LAND Cattery Contract in PDF format.



Cat/Kitten Purchase Agreement

DATE: _______

CAT NAME: _______________________________________________

(blank if unregistered)

BREED: British Shorthair

Scottish Fold

COLOR:______________ SEX:_____________ DATE OF BIRTH:________



This cat/kitten is purchased as a pet. Seller warrants that this cat/kitten is presented in sound health and not harboring any diseases or parasites. Seller guarantees the general health of this cat/kitten for a period of five days on condition that it is properly cared for and quarantined. Seller recommends that Purchaser takes this cat/kitten to a licensed veterinarian within three days of receipt for their own satisfaction of health.

If during this time period Seller is notified by Purchaser of a health problem which is proven to have existed at the time of sale, Seller will refund the purchase price or replace with cat/kitten or equal value (Seller’s option) upon receipt of said cat/kitten, any papers provided (i.e., registration/pedigrees) and a veterinarian’s written statement of the health problem. Seller does not accept the responsibility of any vet bills unless written authorization states such.

This cat/kitten is guaranteed against genetic defects. If the cat dies an untimely death within the first year of ownership due to a genetic defect, seller agrees to replace this cat/kitten with a kitten of equal value at such time as one becomes available. Purchaser must provide proof from a licensed vet that the death was due to a genetic defect.

Cats/kittens purchased as household pets (without breeding rights) if not coming spayed or neutered must be spayed or neutered by the Purchaser by the age of six-ten months.

Purchaser agrees to refrain from declawing said cat/kitten, as it is inhumane and considered to be amputation.

Purchaser agrees to care for this cat/kitten by providing adequate indoor facilities, keeping the cat/kitten indoors, maintaining proper nutrition, to get the cat/kitten normal yearly inoculations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian, and, if deemed necessary, prompt medical attention.

Purchaser agrees that if for any reason they cannot keep the kitten/cat that they must contact the seller, for 1st option on taking this cat/kitten back. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten ever be abandoned, given or sold to any pet shop, humane society, pound, shelter, research facility, or euthanized for behavioral problems.

Purchaser agrees not to permit this kitten/cat to be given the FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) vaccination. Recent reports show this vaccine is ineffective and may actually predispose your pet to the disease.

Purchaser agrees that if the Rabies vaccine is given, by purchaser choice or by local law that it will not be given until the cat/kitten is at least 6 months of age. In addition, it will not be given at the same time as any other vaccination.

Purchaser promises that this cat/kitten will be an INDOOR ONLY pet. Purchaser agrees that any violation of the terms of this contract may result in the surrender of said cat/kitten, any registration/pedigree papers, to expect no reimbursement of purchase price, deposit, or expenses incurred, and Purchaser may be subject to monetary damages to Seller.

Purchaser agrees that any court/legal action will be filed/held in Oakland County, Michigan, and will assume responsibility for court costs.

Purchaser’s signature indicates that he/she has reviewed contract with Seller prior to purchasing said cat/kitten and is in full agreement to the above terms and conditions.

PURCHASER: _______________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________


Phone #: ____________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________


SELLER: Lyubov Slyusar


Phone #: (586) 722-3737

Email Address:


A nonrefundable deposit of $300 will hold this cat/kitten until it is twelve weeks of age.

Balance to be paid in full on the pickup day via cash or cashier’s check.